Message 11995 of the SUO list

Subject: Re: Multi Source Ontology 
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 02:41:32 +1000
From: Philippe Martin <phmartin at phmartin dot info>
In reply to: msg11994 by Jon Awbrey

> 1.  What is the volume of work that is actually being submitted
>     for review?  ...
> 2.  In what variety of lights do you wish the submitted volume of work
>     to be regarded here, over and above being a potential contribution
>     to the prospective IEEE Standard Upper Ontology, or SUO for short?

I am simply proposing 
(i) an ontology (plus a tool to cooperatively extend it) that may be 
    interesting for the SUO group to develop the SUO ontology,
(ii) further additions to the ontology (e.g. I have just begun the
     integration of the 4D/EXPRESS ontology that was refered by
     Matthew West on Wednesday; I'll probably give a URL for a partial
     result by next Wednesday),
(iii) future developments of the tool for future requested features.

I think your reviewing is for you to decide if you are interested
(or if in your opinion the SUO group should be interested) to
re-use my ontology and/or use my tool.

I think that in about an hour, one may get a pretty good idea of the
approach and content (and think it is interesting or not) by
(i) reading the summary I posted,
(ii) browsing the top-level ontology and some of the rest starting with
the "search and browse" interface at ; e.g. ask for the display all
the subtypes of "flight", "person", "pm#thing", "pm#relation", "suo#*"
or "dolce#*"),
(iii) trying the examples in the "Statement search" interface at
(iv) trying the example files at

Happy testing ... and good week-end.