Message 12554 of the SUO list

Subject: Re: MSO Ballot Results
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:34:10 +1000
From: Philippe Martin
In-reply-to: msg12252 by Jim Schoening

> Motion Passes.  Congratulations Phillippe Martin

Thanks to all who supported my work.

I'll resume my integration of the SUMO which I had stopped because of
more urgent matters. Since I recently extended the taxonomy-related
language of WebKB-2, more SUMO axioms than I initially thought
will be browsable and viewable in an intuitive format.
(In the longer term, I think all of the SUMO axioms will be integrated).

In order to own and be able to make open-source the system currently
supporting accesses and updates to the MSO by Web users, I began rewriting
WebKB-2 in September 2003 (when my contract with the DSTC research center
ended). This rewriting is going well and should normally be available in a
few months (at least 4 months) under the name of AnyKB, as a non-copylefted
free software or via a dual licensing system similar or identical to MySQL's.