Dr Philippe Martin, Dr Michael Blumenstein and A.Prof. Peter Deer (2005).
Toward cooperatively-built knowledge repositories.
ICCS 2005, 13th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (theme: "Common Semantics for Sharing Knowledge") (©Springer Verlag, LNAI), 3596, pp. 411-424), Kassel, Germany, July 18-22, 2005.

PDF version   (14 pages, LNCS format)
HTML version   (this version is not constrained by the 14-page limit given by ICCS for the above PDF version, and has many hyperlinked references; however, it is not page-formatted)

Some related slides: HTML version,   Powerpoint version  (17 pages)

Workshop that I organised at ICCS 2005 about issues related to the content of this article.