Title of the Session: Novel computer science methods and models
Title of the Paper: Toward a Cooperatively Built Ontology of Knowledge Engineering
Authors: Dr Philippe Martin & Dr Michel Eboueya
Presenter: Dr Philippe Martin

Brief Biography of the Presenter:

a) Studies: Engineer in Software Engineering (specialty: Artificial Intelligence) at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (France) and PhD in Knowledge Acquisition and Information Retrieval at the INRIA research center of Sophia Antipolis (submission: October 1996).

b) Academic Positions: Senior Researcher at the DSTC and (Senior) Lecturer at Griffith Uni, Gold Coast

c) Scientific Activities (research, publications, projects, etc.):

  1. PhD (1993-1996): creation of CGKAT, a tool helping knowledge engineers to represent, link and search information within KBs and documents. CGKAT integrates the structured document editor Thot (the code of which is now re-used in the W3C's Amaya browser), the Conceptual Graph workbench Cogito, models of the KADS library, an extension of WordNet 1.5 with some top-level ontologies, and the Unix shell. Because of its re-use of Thot, CGKAT remains the only tool that fully integrates and combines Knowledge Base (KB) management with document management.

  2. Postdoc (1997) + research fellow at Griffith Uni (1998-1999): design of WebKB-1, a KB server enabling knowledge engineers to load or execute knowledge representations/queries that they have stored in Web documents and let them index any part of any Web document. WebKB-1 integrates KB management with document management as much as current Web browsers permit.

  3. Senior research scientist at DSTC (2000-2003): design of WebKB-2, a KB server that can not only manage a very large KB but also allows people or software agents to store and tightly interconnect their knowledge into it without having to discuss and agree on terminology or beliefs. The Multi-Source Ontology (MSO) that WebKB-2 proposes to its users and permits them to search and extend has been voted a "candidate material" for the IEEE standard upper ontology (SUO).

  4. Senior lecturer at Griffith Uni (2004-2006): extension of the notations and the ontology proposed by WebKB-2, with experiments in various areas: tourism, teaching, philosophy and research in knowledge engineering.

d) WSEAS Activities: N/A

e) Others: N/A