A Key for Enhanced Hypertext Functionality
and Virtual Documents: Knowledge

The WebKB set of tools

Philippe A. MARTIN and Peter EKLUND

Griffith University, School of Information Technology

Work supported by the Defence Science And Technology Organisation (DSTO)

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Storing knowledge and commands in documents

Storing knowledge and commands
in distributed scalable knowledge servers

Scalable multi-authors KB

Precision and cooperation -> a unique KB
                               (1 consistent and organised semantic network)

  • Scalable multi-user persistent object repository

  • Algorithms for exploitating large-scale dynamic taxonomies

  • Visualisation techniques (generation of views, aliases)

  • Protocols to allow users to solve semantic conflicts

  • Conventions for representing knowledge

Distributed KBs

Mirroring to speed searches, avoid query decomposition and inconsistency between KBS

  • KBs mirroring each other

  • General mirror KBs plus KBs specializing general KBs

ICCS'98 slides, WWW8 slides