Project WebKB: Knowledge Warehousing and Querying

Project Overview

This project seeks to permit and help the represention or structuration of any kind (and significant amount) of information in a formal or semi-formal way, manually or semi-automatically, and then its retrieval and comparison.

To that end, the private or shared knowledge server WebKB has been designed and is usable at It distinguishes itself from other ontology/knowledge servers by its expressive and intuitive notations, and by permitting Web users to update a large knowledge base, without lexical/semantic conflicts nor redundancies, and without forcing the users to agree with each other. It is also one of the rare knowledge base systems to exploit a natural language ontology and generate cascading forms to ease and normalize knowledge entering.

Small applications have been built and plans to partially automatize knowledge acquisition via a natural language parser have begun.

 Project Highlights

 Project Plans