Message 12145 of the SUO list

Subject: Re: Model of Activity and Action in SUO ontology
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 03:57:10 +1000
From: Philippe Martin
In reply to: msg12086 by Richard Cooper
Follow-up: msg12147 by Richard Cooper and msg12146 by Murray Altheim
           both answered in msg12148

> How difficult would it be to organize their primes into a more logical
> and specified form?

I have now explicited the correspondences between the primitives of 
the Natural Semantic Metalanguage (Anna W's primitives) and concepts
in the Multi-Source Ontology (MSO) or languages of WebKB-2, in the following file:
I think that may answer the above question.
I have only introduced categories in the MSO for the "content-related"
primitives, not for what I call the "language operators" and the 
"syntactic shortcuts". For browsing, a list can be obtained via*&hyperlinks

> Top level?  If these 62 word senses are "primitive", then they
> should be at or near the bottom level.

They are quite general and hence may be considered as belonging to
the top-level. However, since my top-level is quite structured and
the medium level (WordNet) not so much, it happens that in average
they have a chain of 6.5 supertypes (i.e. they are at depth 7.5 in
average) and a chain of only 5 subtypes.