Below is a biography in English and another one in French.
For more details on me or my works, see my home page. ========= bio in 123 words (+ "an ontology of KR languages (KRLO; notations and models)") Dr Philippe Martin is Associate Professor at the University of La Réunion since 2009. His main interests are knowledge representation (KR), sharing and retrieval. He developped one knowledge acquisition tool (CGKAT), two complementary knowledge servers (WebKB-1 and WebKB-2;, several KR notations (e.g., FL, FE and FCG), an ontology of KR languages (KRLO; notations and models), one large general ontology (the MSO), some knowledge sharing protocols and some KR best practices. He obtained his PhD at the INRIA (France) in 1996. Then, for 11 years, he worked in Australia, first as a researcher at the University of Adelaide, Griffith University and DSTC, then as senior lecturer at Griffith University. After coming back to France in 2007, he first worked for Eurecom as a researcher and then at the University of La Réunion. -->

Dr Philippe Martin did his Ph.D. in Software Engineering and Knowledge Acquisition at the INRIA research center (France) and its postdoc in 1997 on Knowledge Retrieval at the University of Adelaide (Australia). He then worked at Griffith Uni's School of I.C.T. (Australia), first as Research Fellow funded by the DTSO until 2000 (period during which he worked on Knowledge Representation and designed the private knowledge server WebKB-1), then as Senior Research Fellow and project leader employed by the DSTC (Australian W3C office) until 2004 (period during which he worked on knowledge sharing/organisation and designed the shared knowledge server WebKB-2), and finally as Senior Lecturer until 2007. He is now research engineer at Eurecom where he works as project leader for the "PACA-ID Grande Distribution" project in collaboration with 7 industrial partners (IBM, France Telecom, Carrefour, ...) on the specification of information confidentiality and privacy constraints that should be fulfilled for the use of RFID tags in the industry. His knowledge servers, application prototypes, ontologies and publications are accessible from Dr Philippe Martin a passé sa thèse en informatique et acquisition de connaissances à l'INRIA de Sophia Antipolis puis son postdoc en 1997 à l'Université d'Adelaïde en Australie sur la recherche de connaissances. Il a ensuite travaillé à l'université de Griffith Uni en Australie tout d'abord en tant que chercheur payé par le DSTO jusqu'en 2000 (période durant laquelle il travailla sur représentation de connaissances et créa le serveur de connaissances personnel WebKB-1), puis chercheur confirmé et chef de projet employé par le DSTC (antenne australienne du W3C) jusqu'en 2004 (période durant laquelle il travailla sur l'organisation ou le partage de connaissances et créa le serveur de connaissances partagé WebKB-2), et enfin enseignant-chercheur confirmé jusqu'en 2007. Il est maintenant ingénieur de recherche à Eurecom où il travaille en tant que chef de projet pour le projet "PACA-ID Grande Distribution" en collaboration avec 7 partenaires industriels (IBM, France Télécom, Carrefour, ...) sur la sécurité et de protection de données privées concernant l'usage d'étiquettes RFID dans l'industrie. Ses serveurs de connaissances, ontologies et publications sont accessibles à partir de